L'Atelier de sculpture du Village

294 Harewood road,
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 2Y9

Tél. : 250 797 8432

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Located within walking distance of the workshop, La Loggia Arts B&B offers a discount rate for students of the Atelier de Sculpture du Village. Contact for more information, or call 250 797 8432.

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Artist's statement

Ma démarche

I sculpt clay with a passion and tireless perseverance, aiming to render the emotion that is the beauty of the human body. The fluidity of its sensual curves and the effect of taut muscles inspire me. I want to show its balance in movement and how it projects its soul in space. I like to push matter to defy gravity by combining the neo-classical approach and with compositions that border on abstraction.

I am happy to pass on the experience I have gained in 20 years of practice. My teaching approach is dynamic and respectful of the students' spontaneous touch. I want to develop their observation skills and teach them to correct typical errors so they can unleash the full potential of their talent and express their vision in 3-D.

— Joël A. Prévost

Open studio

Formules particulieres

Private instruction

Would you like to work on a personal sculpture project while benefitting from excellent professional coaching? The open studio is tailored to the specific needs of the apprentice sculptor and allows them to have a workspace and tools to carry out an artistic project at the Atelier de Sculpture du Village and private instruction by Joël A. Prévost.

Cost : $170 for a 3 hour session or $190 for a 4 hour session, including one non-continuous hour of private instruction. Clay is sold by the bag at the supplier's cost.

The Face

Cours Le visage

Creation of a portrait from photo. Each week, the intermediate or advanced level student will carve a new element of the face, from the shape of the skull to the subtle relief of the eyelid. The teacher begins with a demonstration, sharing tricks of the trade and tips on choosing tools, then the student has to carve an element of face repeatedly on a clay tablet before modeling the element on the full size 3-D head.

The student must have clear pictures of his subject, taken from different angles.

Course duration: 7 weeks of 3 hour sessions.
Cost: $560 (class and kiln-firing) plus $36 (clay) and taxes.
Maximum 6 students

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The Hand in Action

Cours La main en action

The hand is the source of our dexterity. Because of its strength and agility, it offers tremendous possibilities to artists. But it can also be a particular challenge because of its complex shape and the difficulty of establishing harmony between gesture, movement and the emotion the hand is meant to express. By sculpting one of their hands in action, the intermediate or advanced level student will deepen their knowledge of the hand's skeleton and articulation while developing a way to express emotion through gestures.

Course duration: 4 weeks of 3 hour sessions
Cost: $420 plus taxes (includes clay and kiln-firing).
Maximum 6 students

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The Atelier de sculpture du Village

... is a unique place in Montreal where you can learn from a professional artist all the steps and techniques of clay (or plastiline) sculpting from live models. Whether you're a beginner or a professional seeking to improve your skills in anatomical rendering, you will appreciate the friendly and stimulating atmosphere of this sculpture school and the results you get with the dynamic and respectful teaching method of Joël A. Prévost, who encourages you to explore the possibilities of the medium and develop your own style.

Registration information
Registration may be made in person or by phone at 250 797 8432 . A non-refundable and non-transferable $80 deposit is required upon registration. The balance must be paid at the first session of the course. Credit cards are accepted.

Garden of Eden

In these workshops exploring the beauty of the human form, professional artist Joel A. Prévost teaches the techniques and use of tools necessary to sculpt a neo-classical freestanding sculpture from life. He takes you step by step: defining the pose, assembling the clay, 3-D sketching, modeling techniques for adding, subtracting and construction, hollowing and polishing. All supplies are provided, you need only bring your desire to turn 100 pounds of clay into a work of art!

Beginners and intermediate level students
Participants will sculpt a half torso (without arms or head) at a scale of 80% to 100% actual size.
Course duration: 5 weeks of 3 hour sessions in the evenings
Cost: $390 (class and kiln-firing) plus $56 (clay) and taxes
Maximum 8 students

Advanced students
Participants will sculpt a complete torso (from mid-thigh to biceps) in the round, from 50% to 60% actual size.
Course duration: 8 weeks of 3 hour sessions in the evenings.
Cost: $690 (class and kiln-firing) plus 56 $ (clay) and taxes
Maximum 6 students

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Cours Jardins d'Édens

Introduction to bas-relief

Intended for students of all levels, this one-day workshop allows you to experience the relaxing sensation of clay sculpting by creating a bas-relief from life. The partially clothed model is surrounded by several objets in a simple setting. You will be guided through each step: preparing the surface by rolling out the clay to obtain a slab of 30 cm x 45 cm x 2 cm, drawing the composition and carving the relief to the desired depth. The work of art you create will be fired in the kiln at the Atelier de Sculpture du Village and can be hung like a painting.

Course duration: one 6 hour session including a lunch break.
Cost: $160 plus taxes (includes clay and kiln-firing).
Maximum 10 students*

*It is possible to book an exclusive session for a group of 6 to 10 participants. This workshop can also be given at a company location.

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Cours Initiation au bas-relief

Sculpting the imaginary and the fantastic

Intended for individuals who would like to work in the field of 3-D animation or video games, this workshop focuses on the representation of the human body in complex poses. It teaches how to understand movement, to accurately depict anatomical details and to extrapolate in order to create a realistic anatomical structure from a fictional creature and give more power and presence to your 3-D models. Participants work from life to sculpt a plastiline mock-up of a whole figure that will measure about 50 cm, step-by step, from assembling the frame to modeling the form.

Course duration: 12 x 3 hour sessions or 5 x 7 hour sessions.
Cost: $960 (class) plus $275 (gallows: $180; skeleton: $35; 5 blocks of plastiline @ $60 ea.) and taxes.
Maximum 6 students

Master classes in the form of intensive workshops can also be given in a company setting to help members of a team develop their skills or solve problems with a particular project.

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Cours Sculpter l'imaginaire et le fantastique


Former ASV students and individuals with formal arts training whose project is accepted by the Director at ASV may rent workspace for short or long term at the Atelier de Sculpture du Village to carry out a personal creative project. Included: the use of tools, storage space, and storage room for the sculpture to dry out if necessary. Joël A. Prévost will provide professional technical counseling if required, and supervise the drying process as well as the kiln-firing.

A portfolio submitted to the Director will include photographs and sketches or a model of the project and the artist's goal. If accepted, a production schedule will be determined by an evaluation of the time required, and time slots will be booked. A letter of agreement will be signed stating the established time slots, the rules of conduct to be followed at the workshop, the amount of clay or plastiline to be purchased and the cancellation policy.

Cost: $ 25 / hour for rental space plus $ 60 / session for technical services and maintenance, or $ 90 / hour private teaching (optional).

Clay is sold by the bag at the supplier's cost. Costs do not include a second kiln-firing or glazing materials. A monthly payment is mandatory.



Joël A. Prévost was born in Lac-Saint-Jean in 1963 and settled in Montréal in 2006 after a lengthy stay in British Columbia where he launched his artistic career in contemporary dance. His approach centres primarily on the polymorphic representation of the body in clay, a medium that is both the cradle of humankind and its first medium of artistic expression. He has also conducted intensive research on enamels and has developed innovative combinations of minerals and oxides to glaze his works. In 2009, he established in Montréal the Atelier de Sculpture du Village, where he teaches sculpture from life to students at different levels, in particular professional artists and 3-D designers seeking to perfect their skills in rendering the human body. His works have been shown in numerous galleries and are found in private and corporate collections in America, Europe and Asia.

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