Vancouver Island Sculpting Studio

294 Harewood Road, Nanimo, British Columbia

Our Mission

The mission of this art studio is to specialize in the creation of clay sculpture and to support the apprentice sculptor by providing technical and practical knowledge to deepen the study of the medium and the subject.

V.I.S. Studio is a unique controlled environment which encourages the reflection and introspection needed to establish the creative process to develop your own personal style. The intention is to nurture the imagination so that individuals can conceptualize their projects and awaken their senses.

Sculptor at work

VIS Studio Gallery

Opening Hours: 11 am - 5 pm : Thursday to Saturday.

The studio gallery is now open to the public. There is a variety of clay sculptures for sale 

Joel A Prévost


 Born in Lac Saint-Jean, Quebec, Canada in 1963, Joël A. Prévost spent his a few years on Vancouver Island before moving to Nova Scotia to study Community Development. He then continued  his education and worked for a few years in Ottawa before returning to western Canada in the mid-80s.

Joël spent the next twenty years back in British Columbia, where he worked as a facilitator with non-profit organizations in planning and fund raising. This experience led him to become a promoter in music, the theatre and visual arts, as well as taking on the role as a producer for concerts, music series and cultural events. During this time he also studied and taught himself sculpting.  

In 2006 Joël settled in Montréal where he established L’Atelier de Sculpture du Village. There he taught sculpture to students whose backgrounds encompassed related art fields such as cinema, the circus, 3D animation and video games. He also instructed visual artists seeking to perfect their skills in rendering the human form. Joël has recently relocated from Montréal and established the Vancouver Island Sculpting Studio, in British Columbia, a professionally set up clay and plasticine sculpting studio. With over 20 years’ experience as a sculptor, he currently teaches sculpting using life models, to students at all levels.

His works can be found in numerous private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and China.