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The VIS studio offers a variety of classes and weekend workshops.

Here you will find a list of workshops we offer throughout the year.

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The Hand in Motion

Learn to sculpt the mechanics of your own hand

Reaching beyond the given /

The hand can be perceived as the most complex body part to sculpt and draw. The challenge with hands is to establish harmony between its proportions and its symmetry, to allow a fluidity in the gesture, and to enable the hands to express emotion.

In this workshop participants will learn how to build with the help of an armature, a well-proportioned structure, using their own hand as the model.

We will also cover how the muscles and tendons of the hands connect through the forearm to give it the strength and agility that defines its dexterity. These sculptures will not be kiln-fired; participants will be able to take their piece home to continue their studies.

This is a 16 hour workshop. This workshop can be offered in the format of 5 sessions of 3 hours or over the weekend.

Cost: registration fee: $420 + GST  - materials: $70 + GST  (WED clay and armature)

Garden of Eden

Day & Evening sculpting workshop with liFe model

In this workshop participants will explore how to see the beauty of the human form. Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist this is a great opportunity to learn to sculpt with a life model. 

This workshop is taught in a group structure where each individual will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge. You are encouraged to explore the possibilities of the medium and develop your own creative style. 

Professional sculptor Joël A. Prévost teaches the techniques and use of tools necessary to sculpt a free standing sculpture from a life model, taking you step by step by adding, subtracting, coring and polishing.

The participant will sculpt a half torso at a scale of 80% to 110% of its actual size. Supplies are on the premises, you only need to bring your desire to turn 50 kg (110 pounds) of clay into a work of art. 

Maximum: 8 students per class

This is a 17.5 hour workshop : 5 weekly sessions of 3.5 hours.
Cost : registration fee $330. + GST - materials $115. + GST 

spring session at the V.I.S" Studio

spring session at the V.I.S" Studio

Fall workshop 2018

Fall workshop 2018


learn how to sculpt a bas-relief 

Bas-relief is an ancient technique. Its earliest use is found in the written clay tablets of the Sumerian civilization from around 2100 BC. Bas-relief sculpture has beautified the historic monuments and temples of the ancient Egyptians and Assyrians, the 8th century Kailasa Hindu temple in India carved out of a single rock, and the Art Deco architecture of the 20th century.

In this workshop participants will be introduced to basic techniques on how to sculpt a relief to create an optical illusion. The advantage of working with clay to learn to sculpt a bas-relief is that the clay allows the participant to not just carve into the clay to create the relief, but also to be able to add material as needed. The participant will sculpt from a slab of clay 30 x 40 cm and 3 cm thick.

There will be a different theme for each workshop. A surrealist décor with props and a live model will be staged, to inspire the participants to compose and sculpt their bas-relief.

This is an opportunity to create your own miniature mural. Some drawing skill is helpful, but not necessary.  This workshop is ideal for the painter who wants to increase their understanding of depth and optical illusion, and to create their own relief clay canvas.

Maximum 6 students for the class

This is a 12 hour weekend workshop : Please bring your lunch

Cost: registration fee $380. + GST (includes clay and kiln-firing)

Immortalize Expression

the face a portrait an expression

description coming