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- artists in Residence -Saturday Drop-in - Monday Life Drawing - Commissioning a Sculpture

Artists in Residence -AIR Program

The program for an artist in residence is to support those who wish to work on a personal sculpting project to deepen their understanding of the medium and the subject, so that individuals can conceptualize their projects, and awaken their individual sense of creativity.

This AIR program enables individuals to pursue knowledge in a professionally equipped sculpting studio where you will have access to a work area, sculpting tools, teaching and technical support.

The participant is provided with a solid hands-on experience that will enrich your artistic approach. You will learn from a professional sculptor in a friendly atmosphere conducive to learning. The sculptor Joel A Prevost will work alongside the participant by offering demonstrations and individual comments.

The studio has a range of tools available to students, however participants are welcome to bring their favourite tools.

The AIR program runs on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and the studio is open from 10am to 5pm.

  • Participants must register for 9 sessions of 5 hours weekly.

  • The 9 sessions must be used within a consecutive 3 month period.

  • Cost for a 9 sessions / 45 hours program is $810 + GST.

  • The fee does not include materials.

  • Additional private teaching can be added if necessary.

Saturday Drop-In


No Experience is required. Drop-in is available for anyone who is interested in trying to sculpt with clay. The studio is well equipped with the basic tools for an introductory experience to sculpting. Come and enjoy the fun of playing with clay and possibly consider creating a Christmas ornament or a garden fairy dollhouse!

If your project requires more then 1 session, the studio can accommodate storage. You can have a project that lasts up to a maximum of 3 sessions. Pre-booking and advance payment for sessions will be required.

Cost: $60. Which includes / 8 pounds of clay and the firing. Family activity: $100. 1 adult and 1 child / / $150. 1 adult 2 children

Children aged 10 years old and up are best suited for this experience and most welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Space is limited and reservations are required. Please call Joel at 250 797 8432

* additional clay is $1.00 a pond

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Monday Morning Life Drawing

 Fall 2019 September 16th to November 18th.

Interested in drawing a liFe model 

Life drawing sessions are perfect for visual artists of different levels to practise their drawing skills. This life drawing session is without instruction. Professional artist Gerda Hofman, who has many years’ experience in this field, will be the facilitator. She will ensure a prompt starting time and direct the models.

As the studio is set up for sculpting, participants will need to bring their own easels and drawing supplies. Chairs are available on site. Sessions are from 10 am to 1 pm. Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to set up.

Absolutely no photos,  No talking except during breaks,  No cell phones.

Set aside this time to enjoy the creative process.

Drop-in fee : $10.00

Commissioning a Sculpture

Whether in a public or private context, a commissioned sculpture or sculptural ornament makes an incomparable evocative statement.

Throughout history, patrons have commissioned works to commemorate people or an event. By adorning houses, gardens and buildings, they have left a record of their beliefs, their exploits, their history and their stature.

 Would you like a sculpted portrait or detail of the body to immortalize someone you love?  Professional artist Joël A. Prévost can deliver the work of your dreams, customized as an indoor or outdoor sculpture.  His commissioned works can be of different styles, from figurative to abstract, and from neo-classical to contemporary, in response to customers’ requests. Joël will give life to your vision, using his talent and sensitivity to deliver a unique work that asserts your taste and records your story.

Ideally, in the case of a portrait, Joël prefers to work with the model in his studio for the duration of the project. He can also work from photographs if the subject is not available or if distance is a problem. The work will be sculpted in the artist’s studio and arrangements can be made for you to follow the evolution of the project.

Contact us to discuss your very own custom sculpture. 

Joël’s expertise also extends to creating trophies, friezes and other architectural elements, garden ornaments and funeral urns. Rate to be determined according to each project. The signing of a detailed contract will be required prior to any work, with an instalment payment plan.

*A minimal fee could be required for the conceptualization of the project.

Play with Clay

The Haven is a centre for transformative learning,

located on beautiful Gabriola Island in British Columbia, Canada.

Get grounded and re-energize yourself!

Clay is a tactile medium. It is ideal vehicle for enabling us to understand our sense of the skin and its sensitivity to depth and balance. Our relationship with the sense of touch - our haptic sense - connects us on a fundamental level to both the outside world and our inner self. The acknowledgement of these senses helps our consciousness and gives us the ability to stay grounded in our environment.

In the Play with Clay workshop, participants will work from a liquid to a firm mass of clay placed within a wooden box, which will provide a secure framework for communicating emotions with the hands. Working with a palpable material like clay invites the expression of our inner self and enables us to communicate emotion without the need for words.

In this workshop, the only tool required is your hands. The experience is purely tactile. This is a time to re-energize yourself by getting muddy and grounding yourself in our mother earth.