Joel is an experienced and enthusiastic teacher and artist.  He brings a unique understanding of human anatomy to his sculptural work and is adept at identifying problem areas encountered by students during the sculptural process.  Joel generously shares his extensive materials knowledge and offers a variety of tools and techniques for use in his well-equipped studio.  Joel challenges the critical and artistic skills of students at beginning and advanced levels and works hard to ensure success for all his students.

/ Denise tierney  /


“What transpired from my courses with Joel was repeatedly beyond my expectations. His guidance is not only rooted in his countless years of experience, undeniable talent, and professionalism, but also in his genuine love for what he does. His natural ability to inspire a personal style is what allowed the discovery of my own talent. Having the opportunity to explore, learn, and create within a context so rich resulted in the conception of pieces I had not imagined I could achieve and that I hold close to my heart. Most importantly, his courses taught me the love of process... Immeasurable satisfaction... and the desire for more.”

/  Lina Benembarek /


“I had never sculpted before I stepped into Joel A Prévost's studio. I fell in love with clay and with his teaching methods. This wonderful artist guided me through every step of the process in a respectful and challenging manner that enabled me to acquire enough skills to pursue personal projects with confidence. Most importantly, sculpting made me happy, relaxed, brimming with energy, creativity and imagination. That is largely due to Joel's ability to channel positive energy and create a friendly work atmosphere where magic can and does happen. Now, the bronze of a portrait I sculpted is displayed at the Bibliothèque de la danse Vincent-Warren, and my pride is matched only by my gratefulness for all that Joël taught me. "

/ Geneviève Picard (GenVi)  /

/  /


“Highly skilled, extensive experience as a sculptor and teacher coupled with tremendous “ Emotional Intelligence” is the perfect combination to make for an outstanding learning experience. Learning should be motivating, stimulating and fun. Joël offers all of this and so much more.”

/  Marie P. Harel  /