Vancouver Island Sculpting Studio

Saturday Drop-In


No Experience is required. Drop-in is available for anyone who is interested in trying to sculpt with clay. The studio is well equipped with the basic tools for an introductory experience to sculpting. Come and enjoy the fun of playing with clay and possibly consider creating a Christmas ornament or a garden fairy dollhouse!

If your project requires more then 1 session, the studio can accommodate storage. You can have a project that lasts up to a maximum of 3 sessions. Pre-booking and advance payment for sessions will be required.

Cost: $60. Which includes / 8 pounds of clay and the firing. Family activity: $100. 1 adult and 1 child / / $150. 1 adult 2 children

Children aged 10 years old and up are best suited for this experience and most welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

The studio is open from . 11am till 5pm,

Space is limited and reservations are required. Please call Joel at 250 797 8432

* additional clay is $1.00 a pond

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Classes and Workshops

The VIS Studio offers multiple day and evening sculpting workshops. You will have the opportunity to learn a range of techniques, from classical sculpting with life models, to tile making.


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Artist in Residence

Take this unique opportunity to enhance your sculpting skills by having one-on-one sessions with a professional sculptor.

The Artist in Residence program enables individuals to pursue knowledge, to conceptualize their own project, and awaken their individual sense of creativity.